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Field Application Engineer (m/w)18.10.2018PermanentRegions North, West and South
Test Engineer Sensors (m/w)17.10.2018PermanentHamburg
Project Manager (m/w)04.10.2018PermanentHamburg
Business Project Manager (m/f)01.10.2018PermanentWesseling
.NET Web Development Lead Architect (m/f)30.09.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Senior Development Manager (m/f)19.09.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Linux RedHat Engineer (M/F)19.09.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Project Manager Sensors (m/w)14.09.2018PermanentHamburg
Information Security Officer (M/F)12.09.2018PermanentLuxembourg
(Senior) Business Analyst Data Science (m/w)30.08.2018Permanent or FreelanceBern
Enterprise Architect (m/f)23.08.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Integration SOA Architect (m/f)23.08.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Junior Cloud Architect (m/f)07.08.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Senior Cloud Architect (m/f)06.08.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Deep Learning Engineer (m/w)03.08.2018FreelanceBern
(Senior) RF Developer (m/w)02.08.2018PermanentHamburg
Senior Data Scientist (m/f)25.07.2018PermanentBerlin
IT PM Strategic Initiatives23.07.2018PermanentLuxembourg
(Senior) Sales & Account Manager (w/m)06.07.2018PermanentNürnberg
(Senior) Sales Manager (m/w)15.06.2018PermanentBern
(Senior) Bid Manager (m/w)15.06.2018PermanentBern
Geschäftsführer IT Projektmanagement (m/w)06.06.2018Fixed-TermPforzheim
Account Manager (m/w)30.05.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Product Manager (m/w)30.05.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Software Architect .NET29.05.2018PermanentLuxembourg
PMO (m/f)11.05.2018PermanentLuxembourg
IT Business Analyst01.05.2018PermanentLuxembourg
IT Manager /Director24.04.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Senior Software Architect (m/w)20.04.2018PermanentBerlin
(Senior) Technical Project Manager (m/w)20.04.2018PermanentBern
(Junior) Software Test Engineer (m/w)20.04.2018PermanentHamburg
Junior Key Account Manager (m/w)27.03.2018PermanentCologne
Senior MS SharePoint Architect (m/f)23.03.2018PermanentBerlin
Business Continuity Consultant (M/F)19.03.2018PermanentLuxembourg
Senior Project Manager - Cognos (m/f)14.03.2018PermanentLuxembourg
eCommerce Software Architect (m/f)02.03.2018PermanentLuxembourg
(Senior) Software Developer (m/w)12.02.2018PermanentHamburg
(Senior) Software Tester (m/w)12.02.2018PermanentHamburg
GRC Consultant (M/F)05.02.2018PermanentLuxembourg
IT Business Analyst23.01.2018PermanentWesseling
Senior CERT Officer (M/F)08.01.2018PermanentLuxembourg
SOC / Incident Responder Consultant (M/F)08.01.2018PermanentLuxembourg
IT Projektmanager (m/w)15.11.2017Fixed-TermPforzheim
IT Leitung / Head of IT (m/w)13.11.2017Fixed-TermPforzheim
Senior Project Manager( M/F)31.10.2017PermanentLuxembourg
IT/Digital Research Analyst - Asian Market (m/f)25.10.2017PermanentLuxembourg
Senior IT-Consultant Software Development Lifecycle (w/m)24.10.2017PermanentNürnberg / Frankfurt aM
Technischer Systemplaner Elektro- oder Versorgungstechnik (m/w)12.10.2017PermanentFürth
Techniker Elektrotechnik oder Klimatechnik (m/w)10.10.2017PermanentFürth
Projektleiter Versorgungstechnik (m/w)10.10.2017PermanentFürth
Facebook Marketing Profi (m/w)29.09.2017FreelanceBerlin
Business Analyst – Communication Management System (M/F)29.09.2017PermanentBrussels
IT Internal Auditor (m/f)12.09.2017PermanentLuxembourg
DevOps-Engineer (m/w)06.09.2017Fixed-Term or FreelanceHamburg
Projektmanager Kampagnenmanagement SaS05.09.2017FreelanceKrefeld
IT Infrastructure Architect (M/F)05.09.2017PermanentLuxembourg
Test Automation Expert (m/f)31.08.2017PermanentLuxembourg
IT Security Officer23.08.2017Fixed-Term or FreelanceLuxembourg
Projektmanager Marketing Campaigns18.08.2017FreelanceHagen
Managing IT-Consultant Software Development Lifecycle (w/m)26.06.2017PermanentNürnberg, Frankfurt aM
Senior Project/Key Account Manager (m/w)20.06.2017PermanentCologne
Senior Functional Architect (m/f)13.06.2017PermanentLuxembourg
(Senior) Enterprise Architect (w/m)08.06.2017Permanent or FreelanceBern, Nürnberg
Chief Data Architect (w/m)08.06.2017Permanent or FreelanceZürich, Genf, Nürnberg
IT-Consultant Software Development Lifecycle (w/m)01.06.2017PermanentNürnberg, Frankfurt aM
Projektleiter Digitalisierung01.06.2017FreelanceCologne
IT-Consultant Business Intelligence (w/m) - freelance22.05.2017FreelanceNürnberg
Senior IT-Consultant Business Intelligence (w/m) - freelance22.05.2017FreelanceNürnberg
Intern IT/Digital Research Analyst (m/f)16.05.2017Fixed-TermBerlin
Salesforce Consultant (m/f)13.04.2017FreelanceMunich - Grünwald
Managing Consultant Business Intelligence (w/m)12.04.2017PermanentNürnberg
Key Account Manager Art Buying (m/w)31.03.2017PermanentCologne
Senior Key Account Manager Art Buying (m/w)30.03.2017PermanentCologne
IT Projekt Manager - Mobile App Electronic Shelf Labels23.03.2017FreelanceCologne
IT Projekt Manager - MDM - Warenwirtschaft22.03.2017FreelanceCologne
CRM/Salesforce Business Consultant (m/f)16.03.2017FreelanceStrassbourg
Key Account Manager (m/w)01.03.2017PermanentCologne
IT-Consultant Business Intelligence (w/m)23.02.2017PermanentNürnberg
Senior IT-Consultant Business Intelligence (w/m)23.02.2017PermanentNürnberg
IT Projektleiter Campaigning08.02.2017FreelanceCologne
Experte Datenbank Entwicklung/Migration (M/W)08.02.2017FreelanceDüsseldorf
FirstSpirit CMS-Developer (m/w)16.01.2017PermanentBerlin
Online Projektmanager / Konzepter (m/w)16.01.2017PermanentBerlin
Web Entwickler (m/f)13.01.2017PermanentBerlin
IT Projekt Manager (m/f)13.01.2017PermanentBerlin
Recruiting Specialist IT/Digital (M/W)31.12.2016Temporär bis permanentBerlin


Luxembourg is one of the top destinations in Europe when it comes to high-end ICT infrastructure and an excellent digital business framework. It’s the place to be for digital experts looking for opportunities to drive technology innovation forward on the highest international level. It’s the place of choice for experts who want to be a part of new digital business models in various industries that have the potential to redefine the markets sustainably and on a global level. Just think of Fintech, E-Learning and many more industries. More...

Luxembourg – the place to be for digital talents
Luxembourg offers the most attractive job opportunities in digital business. The Grand-Duchy is following a consequent national strategy called “Digital Luxembourg” that aims to drive digital innovation and development forward in all areas. More...

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